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Stop Gangrene, Diabetis Consequences, , Amputation Prevention Using Physics Mode of Action Liquid Angstrom Technology

Stop Gangrene, Diabetis Consequences, , Amputation Prevention Using Physics Mode of Action Liquid Angstrom Technology

FARMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2014 / -- Gangrene, Amputations, Diabetis consequences or not its your choice.

We have developmed a non chemical method of treatment tested for over
10 years of a product actually created in the 1930's. The mode of
action of this product was not a patented synethetic chemical based active
ingredients, but like a liquid graphene carbon based 6 angstrom particle
size that works harmlessly on skin but is able to regenerate and remediaton
skin and wounds. This product is only made of biomass or farm grown
ingredients in support of the US GOV Farm Security Act. In other words
we make moisturizers and could make drugs the old fashion way. When you
visit the website you will see at least 100 testimonals in our case
studies of people that have suffered for over 40 years in many cases.

What we need is a clean break from tradiional medicine as start over
again. We don't have a health care system, we have a disease prolonging
system with perverse incentives. Docs should be paid commensurate with
disease elimination, not how many times they see the patient or meds
prescribed. Insurance and Big Pharma have turned this into a monster
that I don't think is fixable with them in the mix. We need to start
all over. Eliminate insurance payments to doctors and make patients
pay out of pocket only. That will reward the truly successful doctors
who help people truly heal by treating the causes of disease rather than
just masking disease symptoms. And treating the causes of disease rarely
involves use of drugs except in crisis situations.

What we also need to unburden the doctors is medical insurance paid to
the government and let the government monitor good and bad doctors. This
could save billons for the doctors and drastically reduce medical cost.
When the government determines there are bad doctors they revoke thier
licenes to practice.

A Typical Story and when you visit our website below you will see
many more who were treated with just a cosmetic moisturizer. This
amazing product is only 6 angstoms smaller than nanotechnology and
one square inch contains 1200 trillon particles that operaate with
enegyor electically.

We were contacted a month ago buy a person that had gangrene. This is
common with diabetics and other foot wound people.

So we sent them free a product that is made of food, we mixed it and
creates colloidal chemistry or physics based medicine or could be
classified easily.

I guess it could be a drug although we sell it as a skin moisturizer.
Back to our story.The person was in India the sister of a famous
India person who had received numerous awards from the president.

This person ask for help to STOP AMPUTATION of his sisters foot.So we sent him this
product made of FDA Approved Food additives or just food. The key
here was the mixture of the food additives created a product that
works electrically and not with a active ingredient and its only
6 angstroms in size. The product is also 85% carbon and 10%
nitrogen and a single layer in 1 square inch has 1200 trillion
particles that are negatively and positively charged so its
electro mechanical. The link below tells the story better than
I can.

In summary all traces of Gangrene gone in 3 days. Skin grown
over the foot in less than 2 weeks.And we only used food to
do this.Sound crazy well it probably does.But how well are the
medicine for growing skin and eliminating gangrene working.
After you visit this link you might visit the other links and see
how we help with over 100 skin disorders.

We are looking for distribution in India and throughout Asia.

Contact me if you are interested in anyway.

Our goal is to open facilities in the USA, South America, Africa, Asia, Carribean,
Central America, China and India.

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